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As the leading researcher in Investment Migration, STC provides a range of services to the public sector. We can help your government improve its policies to generate both foreign investment and sustainable growth. STC was the first to develop the "post-landing'' concept to complement Business Immigration programs. Post-landing support improves program performance and helps attract talent and capital from abroad.

Program Evaluation

We can evaluate your immigration programs and review their performance, strengths, weaknesses and whether they are likely to reach their objectives. Our wide range of data allows us to compare your program to dozens of similar programs instantly and save you both time and resources.  

Program Building

Whether you want to improve an existing program or build a new one, we can evaluate your economic needs and how to best serve them. Our expertise enables us to build or improve both Residence & Citizenship and Business Immigration programs. STC is the pioneer in "post-landing" settlement programs that complement Business Immigration schemes to promote greater economic impact. 

Website & Marketing

STC reviews hundreds of government websites every year. We can help your Ministry improve its main or program website to improve its reach and display information properly. We can also help your government design effective marketing materials such as flyers and video.

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