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Your path to Canada

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Smart Hotels are designed to qualify for the Canadian Immigrant Entrepreneur programs.

---  We take care of the whole process for you

Boutique Hotel Bedroom
Five Star Hotel

The Smart Hotel is a 6-15 rooms property using state of the art technology to minimize the need for management by the owner. 

When you take possession of the Smart Hotel, the property has already started being operational with revenues already coming in.

More importantly, the Smart Hotel is tailor-fit to your profile to allow you to qualify under a Canadian Immigrant Entrepreneur program. 

With smart locks and mobile keys, guests can check-in at any time without the need for a 24h front desk.


We take care of much of the responsibility for you such as:

  • 24/7 front desk reservation call line

  • Payment collection from guest and refunds

  • Supply management

  • Marketing including pricing and third party distribution

  • Hiring and training

Image by Mike Benna

The Smart Hotel is currently only available in British Columbia, with Ontario available in 2022.  

The minimum investment starts at 250,000 CAD, but the actual amount may vary based on your profile and whether or not you are settling in a large city.

To know more about your profile under the BC PNP Entrepreneur, do this quick smart survey.

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