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How can STC help you?

STC is a leading provider of intelligence in the field of Investment Migration. We work primarily with immigration firms on helping them grow their business and governments on how to improve their investment migration programs.

Learn how STC helps governments stimulate growth and immigration firms to take the next step to become global leaders.

Our Vision

The value of talent is increasing and becoming the modern-day fuel for progress and growth. With the dropping fertility rates and slow economic growth, attracting talent is becoming an increasingly competitive task for countries. But many of the benefits are still untapped. Investment Migration is still in its infancy and far from what it will grow to become: a global marketplace of talent and capital flowing from one city to another.

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Explore the STC indexes, which rank over 150 world cities on Safety, Taxation and much more .


Get access to detailed information on more than 200 residence & citizenship schemes


STC publishes a dozen reports a year on different subjects. Some are free; others require a fee. 

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