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STC, as the leading researcher in Business Immigration and Residence & Citizenship, provides a range of services to the private sector. Our annual data and research enable us to understand the market and its evolution.  We help firms in the immigration industry to prosper and grow their business. STC has developed a package for businesses looking to go global to help them evaluate the most profitable immigration programs and better reach their clientele.

Individual Client Report

We provide custom-made reports for your clients that identify cities around the world where it might be advantageous for them to relocate. We can narrow the report's focus to countries that offer the programs your firm works with. We evaluate the situation of the client and their family and provide key information regarding taxation, education, and much more. Contact us to receive a supplier code and start working with us.  

Business Consulting

STC provides consulting services to firms by helping them grow their business. Whether you're looking for good programs for your clients or new clients for your programs, STC can help you do both by evaluating the best programs around the world for your clients, and markets that might be interested in your programs. Whether you're an immigration consultant or a law firm, STC can help you grow and reach your clientele more effectively.  

Website & Marketing

STC can help you improve and modernize your website, or build a new one from scratch. STC can also provide you with custom-made marketing materials such as pamphlets and videos.  

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