STC, as the leading researcher in Business Immigration and Residence & Citizenship, provides a range of services to individual clients Our annual data and research enable us to understand the the global citizen's need.  We help individual clients prosper and grow their wealth. STC has developed services both before and after an individual's relocation.

Individual Client Report

We provide custom-made reports for our clients that identify cities around the world where it might be advantageous for them to relocate.  Our database enables us to compare hundreds of cities and immigration programs to propose the most advantageous to our clients. We evaluate the situation of the client and his family and provide key information regarding taxation, education, and much more. Contact us to receive more information.

STC provides settlement services in Montreal Canada to Immigrant Investors and Immigrant Entrepreneurs wishing to facilitate their relocation. Whether it's to facilitate settlement upon arrival or to help the individual and his family start a business, STC offers close support every step on the way.

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